Families Project


Since 2011 we have been running a Families Project. Our Families Worker meets with 10-15 families at least once a fortnight via a visit or a phone call. The families are all under significant stress, who have issues with mental ill health due to circumstances such as accessing nutritious food, housing issues (repairs, overcrowding), chronic poverty, debt, low- income work, children with special needs and disabilities, low confidence and self-esteem, bereavement and caring responsibilities for family members. These issues have become worse since Covid 19.  In addition to these stresses we have not been running groups at the centre which has made it even more difficult for people to meet with one another.

Our project aims to alleviate the loneliness that many of our residents are now feeling more than ever.  Since the Covid pandemic and the aftermath, our Families Worker is saying that some residents are very fearful for the future, have lost confidence, and are reluctant to know where to turn. A significant group are lonely and finding it difficult to come out of their homes or to engage with others positively.